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Cryptocurrency Investing with Python | Earn Passive Income !


Code your own Bot with Python to Automate Crypto Investing in Binance. Upload Him to a Server and He Will Do the Rest !


There are 8 main sections in this course

  1. Basics of Python
  2. Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python
  3. Building the Strategy Plan
  4. Algorithmic Trading with Python-Binance
  5. Building the Trading Bot
  6. Multiprocessing ( Trading Multiple Coin Pairs Simultaneously )
  7. Creating a Digital Ocean Server and Running bot in that Server

Basics of Python –

This section is for absolute beginners in python. We are discussing about following topics.

  • Installing Python and Setting up IDE
  • Print Function and F Strings
  • Variables and Basic Data Types in Python
  • Operators in Python
  • Python Functions
  • Global and Local Variables in Python
  • Working with Lists
  • Working with Dictionaries
  • If Else Statements in Python
  • While Loops, Break and Continue Statements
  • For Loops
  • Classes and Objects in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

Pandas is a Python library created for data analysis. We are using this library to do essential forex calculations.

We are discussing about,

  • Pandas Series
  • Pandas Data Frames
  • Selecting Specific Rows and Columns in a Dataframe
  • Selecting Rows in a Data Frame by Conditions
  • Iterating Colums in a Dataframe

Building the Strategy Plan

In this section, we will be designing blue print of our trading bot. We are building the basic structure with psudo-codes.

Algorithmic Trading with Python-Binance

Connecting Binance Spot Testnet Account with Python

We are creating functions of our trading bot(Functions for Placing Orders, Calculate the Profit, Calculate the Deviation of the Price etc )

Adding Current Positions into Pandas Data Frames

Building the Trading Bot

We are putting all the functions together and assembling the bot


We are Upgrading our Bot with Classes and Threading. After that He Can Trade Multiple Coins at the Same Time.

Creating a Digital Ocean Server and Running bot in that Server

We are uploading our bot to a server. it will run continuously in the Server and generate a passive income.


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