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FX News Blaster


Introducing FX News Blaster, a semi-intelligent trading bot designed specifically for trading forex news events. Equipped with advanced algorithms and AI capabilities, it analyzes data and executes trades quickly and accurately.

This bot is specifically designed to trade news events associated with the EURUSD currency pair, including ADP Non-Farm Employment Change, NFP, CPI, Unemployment Claims, and more.

This bot ensures safety by employing a tight trailing stop loss strategy. It does not utilize martingale or any of its variations, further enhancing its security measures.

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This bot can adjust TP and SL according to the volatility of news event .In the following section, you can see live examples of news trading.

Example 01 – Trading ADP Non-Farm Employment Change Event

This news event is usually released on the first Wednesday of each month. The average volatility is around 6 pips ( You will get forex news volatility data with this bot ). In the following video, you can see live trading of this news event with FX News Blaster.

( You can see the settings used in the following screenshot)


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